GoodNight Citronella Candle

good-night-logoWho we are

GoodNight Citronella Candle is a social business started with technical assistant and funding by the non-profit BusinessKind in April 2010.  We take pride in being a sustainable community business that makes an everyday product special and affordable for our customers.

A Unique Product

GoodNight produces the only lemon colored citronella candle made in Myanmar. We obtain our citronella from a monastery in the Northern Shan State, Myanmar. Citronella is a fresh smelling known repellant of disease carrying insects.

A Successful Business Model

GoodNight candles are a popular brand because of their color, smell, packaging and affordable price. Since 2010, GoodNight has produced and sold more than 50,000 candles generating profits that are reinvested in social services for low-income Myanmar women and families.


How to buy and Donate GoodNight Candles

or contact us directly at,

$10 provides 20 packages of 20 prayer candles
$40 provides 80 packages of 20 prayer candles

Please note we only deliver candles inside Myanmar