Who We Are

We are a social business managed and staffed by Myanmar women.
Many of our employees are women living with health challenges.
We take pride in designing and sewing great mosquito repelling bed nets.

What We Do

We train and employ our community’s most vulnerable women ensuring their financial security.
We design our bed nets based on customer feedback using the highest quality materials.
We sell our bed nets at prices our community can afford
We donate our bed nets to families in crisis
We promote healthy families by preventing illnesses from malaria and Dengue Fever



Because GoodSleep Bed Nets are good quality, designed to fit our homes and priced right, families in our village buy them, use them and protect themselves from deadly diseases.

Daw Khin Win- woman village leader


Insecticide Treated Bed Nets Prevent Malaria

It has been established that families sleeping under insecticide treated bed nets suffer less malarial and Dengue Fever illnesses. These diseases target rural Myanmar villages killing pregnant women and their children and diminishing the community’s ability to work and thrive.

GoodSleep Bed Nets helps villages in acute crisis by freely distributing designed specific bed nets and providing malaria/Dengue Fever prevention and reproductive health education. Our education program ensures that every family receiving a GoodSleep insecticide treated bed net values it as household treasure.

GoodSleep Success

GoodSleep Bed Nets was founded in July 2008 with support and technical assistance from BusinessKind, a nonprofit organization that establishes social businesses in poor Myanmar communities. Since its founding, GoodSleep has made and sold over 50,000 bed nets and has donated over 18,000 bed nets to poor Myanmar families in crisis.

GoodSleep became a sustainable neutral profit business after one year of operating. Profits generated are used to grow GoodSleep, increase employee benefits, lower bed net prices and donate more bed nets to families in crisis.  GoodSleep is now the largest retail selling bed net in Myanmar.


How to Buy GoodSleep Bed Nets

Please visit to see our standard bed nets and to order a custom design bed net.
Please note we only deliver bed nets inside Myanmar.

Your personal bed net order helps us to donate a bed net to a family crisis

How to Donate GoodSleep Bed Nets


or contact us directly at,

$9 donation provides a family with a family size insecticide treated bed net and malaria/Dengue Fever and reproductive health education
$ 225 donation provides a village of 25 households
$ 450 donation provides a village of 50 households
$ 900 donation provides a village of 100 household


“Our GoodSleep Bed Nets where designed specifically for our village. Our village has many problems but now we can have Good Safe Sleeps. Thank You for caring about us.”