How To Donate

We will put your donation to work quickly and directly


You will receive a tax receipt for all donations over $30. BusinessKind’s tax identification number is 26-3793530

Mail your donations directly to
2656 Larkin Street
San Francisco, CA, 94109, USA

Dr. Helen Gunthorpe | Ph: 1-415-713-4728 | Email:

We want to keep you updated and learn from your feedback. Please send us your contact information:




Suggestions on how to earmark your donation or tell us how you want your gift directed

Donate GoodSleep Insecticide Treated Bed Nets to families in crisis
$9 provides 1 insecticide treated family size bed net
$90 provides 10 bed nets
$225 provides 25 bed nets
$550 provides 50 bed nets
$900 provides 100 bed nets

Donate GoodNight Citronella Candles
$10 provides 20 packages of 20 prayer candles
$40 provides 80 packages of 20 prayer candles

Support women in finding a safe garment factory job and housing
$40 Supports housing and job mentoring for 1 woman for 6 months
$200 Supports 5 woman for 6 months
$400 Supports 10 woman for 6 months

Support Community Healthy Living Workshops
$100 Supports a 4 hour workshop for 80 people
$350 Supports a series of 4 workshops

BusinessKind is small and efficient. Unlike other international organizations, our administrative costs are almost zero. We maximize our network of free expert advisors. There are no international staff costs.  Your donation directly supports Myanmar women working their way out of poverty.