Myanmar Management Team


Thandar Ko, BusinessKind Myanmar Country Director

Thandar Ko directs BusinessKind Myanmar with a deep experience in managing small businesses and nonprofit organizations. Her artistic design talent and enthusiasm for product innovation is infectious to BusinessKind’s staff. Thandar’s steady directorship keeps BusinessKind’s reputation growing as a sustainable and successful social business model for Myanmar.


Aung Kyaw Oo, BusinessKind Logistics and Sales Manager

Aung Kyaw  keeps BusinessKind’s operations working smoothly. Whether driving and servicing our truck, car and motorcycle or counting inventory or marketing our products, Aung Kyaw is repairing, inventing and problem solving.


Cho Cho San, GoodSleep Bed Nets and GoodNight Candle Production Manager

Cho Cho San was our first GoodSleep employee and production manager. Since 2008 Cho Cho San has supervised the design and production of over 50,000 bed nets. Cho Cho San’s kind, fair and steady management style stamps GoodSleep’s and GoodNight’s reputation as the community’s most favorable employment opportunity for women living with health challenges


Hnin MarLar Myint, SwissHouse and Thone Pan Hla Manager

Hnin Marlar Myint’s experience as a garment factory supervisor in Malaysia gives her a special understanding of the challenges women face on the factory work floor. She knows first hand what they need and how they can succeed in the garment sector. Hnin Marlar Myint manages the daily operations of SwissHouse, Thone Pan Hla Association, Our Home Hostel, GoodJob and Sunday Café with a sincere commitment to help women garment workers thrive inside and outside the factory.