San Francisco Team



Dr. Helen Gunthorpe, BusinessKind Director and Founder

Dr. Helen Gunthorpe is an Infectious Disease specialist in San Francisco, California. Of her thirty years of humanitarian experience across Africa and Southeast Asia, the last fifteen years have been spent with a focus on Myanmar. She founded BusinessKind in June 2008 with a vision that social businesses have a sustained impact on alleviating poverty. Helen makes frequent trips to Myanmar and is an active member of the BusinessKind Myanmar’s management team.


Dr. David Vaughan

David is a practicing cardiologist in San Francisco, California. His frequent travels to Myanmar and direct work with BusinessKind’s social businesses give him an understanding of the challenges Myanmar women face in securing fair employment.


Christopher May

Chris has directed a real estate managing company for forty years. Chris ensures that BusinessKind meets all its yearly financial and legal requirements as a registered USA 501 (C) (3)


Melody Chee

Melody keeps her Myanmar heritage vibrant. Her frequent trips to Myanmar to visit family and advise BusinessKind’s management team makes her an important communication bridge between San Francisco and Yangon. Melody holds a masters of Public Health from the University of Illinois. She is now working in the Bay Area as a research leader in the pharmaceutical sector.

Faiths photo

Faith Lemon

Faith Lemon is based in the Bay area but frequently finds herself getting to work by tuk-tuk or trail, most recently while working with BKM in Yangon and with Shanta Foundation in Myanmar’s rural Shan region. Faith has traveled extensively throughout Asia and is particularly drawn to the optimism and energy emanating from Myanmar’s people. She holds an MA in Human Rights (Development and Economics) and an MS in Social Work (International Policy) from Columbia University.